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Have you heard or know public administration skills before?

July 30, 2021




Have you heard or know public administration skills before?

πŸ”Ή Public Administrative Professionals are the skills that bring students to understand clearly about how to organize and process officers in public administration. In addition, students will understand the way of the government's work and organizing the state's public function.

Why is the public administration recognized as a subject?

πŸ”Ή Public administration is recognized as a subject for many reasons such as:

  1. Expanding state role in social and country health work
  2. Emergence of the private sector and state law function
  3. Demands of increasing the effectiveness of public institutions
  4. the progress of science and technology
  5. Promotional Works in Management for Public Works through Training.

For the 12th graders who want to capture this skill, brothers should learn to understand the subjects with the foundation

πŸ”Έ History: Students should learn more about Khmer history or famous country's history that uplifted how to lead the country, organizing the country, history, political ideas to lead the country.
πŸ”Έ Khmer literature: demand students to be patience and read, know clearly about the words, at the end of Khmer script​ and know clearly how to that context​​ that fit to the situation.
πŸ”Έ Foreign Language: Some documents are available in (English and French) that have in electronic or online library that receive directly from professor. Which universities teach this skill?

A university with a public administration skills teaching included

  • πŸ“ Royal University of Law and Economics
  • πŸ“ Asia Euro University
  • πŸ“ IIC university of technology
  • πŸ“ Western university
  • πŸ“ Phnom Penh International University
  • πŸ“ Build Bright University
  • πŸ“ Panha Chiet University
  • πŸ“ Science University
  • πŸ“ Norton university

And there are more universities that we didn't explain. If you haven't decided to choose skills or haven't found a university yet to continue, contact us directly via Chat to Sala Enrollment Page or contact us for free consultation. It is our pleasure to discuss.

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