International Business Skill

International business skills are one of the most popular skills

August 23, 2021




If we look at the last few years, many young people have become interested in marketing communications, trade, as well as trading, importing products both domestically and abroad.

In addition, international business skills are one of the most popular skills among modern youth, which has received the most attention from students in the 21st century. As of recently, global economic growth is accelerating that require future leaders with a clear understanding of the international business context.

Usually, each skill includes soft skills and hard skills, hard skills refer to technical skills, while soft skills refer to communication, the art of living.

What is International Business Skills and what are they?

International Business Skills focus on the basic of doing business as international, production chain management and innovation. Understand further about business laws and policies, market research, strategy management, accounting and financial management, and investments.

Moreover, this skill allows us to develop an understanding of the business and gain an in-depth understanding of the challenges and trends that business owner face, as well as allow us to understand the process of globalization that occurs through people relationship, marketing, business, product transformation, as well as integrating theory and practice that provide a wide range of business management skills either.

For 12th grade student who wants to study this skill, you should study and understand some subjects as a foundation, including

  • 📍 Mathematics
  • 📍 Economic
  • 📍 Foreign languages

After learning this skill, you can work in many units such as

  • 📍 Professor of International Business in Institutions
  • 📍 Business Owner of any company or enterprise
  • 📍 Self-employed
  • 📍 Business Consultant
  • 📍 Business Analyst
  • 📍 Corporate Investment Bank
  • 📍 Human Resources Officer
  • 📍 Management Consultant
  • 📍 Marketing Executive
  • 📍 Procurement Manager
  • 📍 Employees in private institutions, etc

Universities that teach this skill include​៖

  • 📍 National University of Management
  • 📍 Royal University of Phnom Penh
  • 📍 Limkokwing University
  • 📍 Paragon International University
  • 📍 IIC University of Technology
  • 📍 Beltei International University
  • 📍 Asia Euro University
  • 📍 ACLEDA Institute of Business
  • 📍 And there are some universities that are not mentioned
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